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The Best Places to Network in Bagatelle: A Complete Guide
Mar 29, 2024

The Best Places to Network in Bagatelle: A Complete Guide

So, you want to network! Bagatelle offers a variety of networking opportunities, from industry events to local meetups. With a vibrant business community and numerous networking groups, you're sure to make valuable connections in this bustling city. Whether you’re planning to attend or host your own event from our conferencing facilities, or wish to attend an external networking event, we reveal 5 simple tips to network like a pro.


Networking and Conferencing in Voilà Hotel Bagatelle


With 4 different meeting rooms to accommodate various types of small events, our hotel is the perfect place to host tailored corporate meetings and gatherings. As our expert team assists you in planning the perfect event, our catering services also rise to the occasion for the perfect post-event cocktail.


Discover our meeting rooms and event spaces designed to inspire creativity and collaboration, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for all attendees. Whether you are hosting a small board meeting or a large conference, our versatile spaces can be customised to meet your specific needs and preferences.


The Educator



This hub is designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and ignite the passion for learning. Whether you're a trainer, educator, or facilitator, our Learning Hub provides the ideal environment for cultivating knowledge and nurturing the minds of tomorrow's leaders.


The Boardroom



This meticulously designed space with a sophisticated feel and atmosphere invites sharing and focus. The Boardroom sets the stage for meaningful discussions that pave the way for decisive actions. Create your meeting to inspire strategic excellence among your partners.


The Accelerator



This space is designed to fast-track the success of entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. Equipped with all the tools to empower your journey of development, this room offers a dynamic atmosphere for collaboration, ideation, and achieving your goals with speed and efficiency.



The Incubator



This space is the birthplace of new concepts, fostering their growth into successful ventures. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a creative thinker, our Incubator provides the perfect environment to transform your dreams into reality, surrounded by the resources and inspiration you need.



Closer to your large-scale conference and networking event in Mauritius


If you’re staying with us while waiting to attend your conference, rest assured you’re making the right choice! We are situated only 10 minutes away from the Swami Vivekananda Convention Centre (SVICC) and 6 minutes away from the Trianon Convention Centre (TCC), the island’s major large-scale conferencing venues. This convenient location allows for easy access to and from your event, ensuring a stress-free experience during your stay with us. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and assistance to make your time with us as productive and enjoyable as possible.


After-hours: Networking at The Flying Dodo


Situated a few metres away from the hotel, the Flying Dodo Brewing Company is a restaurant and brewery that produces delicious craft beer. It is the perfect place to get together right after your networking event and keep the conversation going in a more informal setting. Having broken the ice, you will get to know your contact better over a glass of the house’s IPA, a mocktail, or hearty appetisers.


5 tips to network like a pro


1. Be ready


Improvising is not the way to go. Although networking needs genuine interaction, the best way to feel confident enough to be authentic is preparation. Which way to go? First, reflect on why you wish to network. Are you seeking investors or partners? Industry contacts? Career growth opportunities?

Once your purpose is ascertained, feel free to research the attendees or type of professionals you will meet at the event. This will help you know more about the world in which they evolve, and their centres of interest.

Last, but not least: prepare your presentation. Not the kind you learn by heart, but these important achievements, skills or qualities you truly wish to put forward.


2. Be an active listener


Demonstrate your interest for your interlocutor’s opinion with appropriate eye contact. When possible, pick up on their cues, and pivot to share your insight as well. However, try not to monopolise the attention. Interactive and balanced conversations are the cornerstone of lasting professional relationships.


3. Be yourself


Being well-prepared for the event will allow you to be more comfortable in your own skin. Knowing your purpose and how you intend to present yourself will help you feel more at ease, allowing your personality to shine through. Believe it or not, this will make the following exchanges more spontaneous as you navigate this first interaction from a confident standpoint.


4. Follow-up


So, you’ve got a prospective contact! Follow up on that lead by inviting them for coffee or a meal soon after. If you’re flying back right after the conference, a nice follow-up e-mail expressing your happiness of meeting the person and opening the way to a new conversation will also be appreciated. This timely follow-up, which should promptly follow the first meeting, is the best way to cultivate deeper, further conversation.


5. Stay in touch


Do not hesitate to follow each other on social media to be apprised of each other’s progress and achievements. Congratulations for milestones and wishes for major holidays are always welcome. This will keep you in each other’s mind if ever one of you needs help, information, or new contacts to grow your respective networks.


Voila Hotel Bagatelle : Your Destination for Business and Leisure


Voila Hotel


Ideally located, Voilà Hotel Bagatelle is situated mere minutes away from the Swami Vivekananda Convention Center and the Trianon Convention Center, two major conferencing venues of the island. A short drive away from the capital and lively Ebène Cybercity, we bring you closer to important business centers and venues so you can focus on business... And have more time for leisure!

At the heart of Moka, Voila Hotel Bagatelle is also the perfect place to discover Mauritius. Whether you explore its lush treks to take in the amazing views, or opt for a culinary journey in its various restaurants, your spare time is certainly put to good use!

Ready to bring your networking game to the next level? We are certain this will be a piece of cake! Book your room now with us and get our guaranteed best rate!