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As you embark into your next business trip, let our blogs be your compass in knowing more about our sophisticated hotel. Here, we invite you to explore, learn and discover the nuances that elevate your corporate travel experiences elements which define business accommodations.

Voila Hotel


Elevating Your Meetings: Voila Hotel's State-of-the-Art Conference Venues in Mauritius

When it comes to planning successful business meetings and corporate events in Mauritius, Voila Hotel stands out as a premier destination. With a perfect blend of modern amenities,…
Voila Hotel


Activities to do in Moka & Nearby: Make the Most of Your Free Time in Mauritius

In the idyllic surroundings of Mauritius, Voila Hotel offers not only a sanctuary for business travellers but also a gateway to a world of leisure and adventure. With an array of a…
Voila Hotel


Business Stay at Voila Hotel in Mauritius: Your Ultimate Guide

Mauritius isn't just a tropical paradise; it's also a burgeoning destination for business travellers. Among the plethora of accommodation options, Voila Hotel stands out as the pri…
Voila Hotel


10 Brilliant Packing Tips for Business Travellers Visiting Mauritius

Preparing for a business trip can sometimes be challenging. But with these 10 brilliant packing tips specifically tailored for business travellers visiting Mauritius, you can ensur…
Voila Hotel


Breakfast Business Meetings at Voila Bagatelle

In the busy business world, time is precious. That's why choosing the right venue for your meetings is crucial to ensuring productivity and success. At Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle, we u…
Voila Hotel


Smart Business Hotel in the Centre of Mauritius

If you're looking for an ideal location for business opportunities in Mauritius, look no further than the Voilà Hotel Bagatelle. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the Mauri…
Voila Hotel


The Best Restaurants and Cafes in Bagatelle: A Foodie's Guide

Staying at Voilà Bagatelle Hotel not only means being closer to your meetings; it is also the place to be for food lovers. What’s better to combat jet lag than satisfying your ever…
Voila Hotel


Discovering Bagatelle and Beyond: The Ideal Location for Business and Leisure

Situated at the heart of the island, Voilà Hotel Bagatelle is a lively, central hotspot in Mauritius that brings you closer to your meetings. With its modern amenities and convenie…
Voila Hotel


The Best Places to Network in Bagatelle: A Complete Guide

So, you want to network! Bagatelle offers a variety of networking opportunities, from industry events to local meetups. With a vibrant business community and numerous networking gr…
Voila Hotel


Make the Most of Your Business Trip in Mauritius

So, you’ve worked a lot, and wonder: what fun activities can help you reset? Voilà Hotel Bagatelle provides various perks to discover the most beautiful sights of Mauritius even wh…
Voila Hotel


A Guide to the Best Conference Facilities in Mauritius

Voilà Hotel Bagatelle is the ultimate conferencing venue in lively Moka, the heart of Mauritius. Located at the Heart of Mauritius, discover the 3-star Hotel’s 3 meeting rooms and…