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Make the Most of Your Business Trip in Mauritius
Feb 23, 2024

Make the Most of Your Business Trip in Mauritius

Whether you're interested in discovering marine creatures, walking through lush forests, or discovering the local cuisine, Mauritius offers a wide range of things to do. With Voilà Hotel Bagatelle's exclusive offers and discounts, you can embark on a day trip that allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of this tropical paradise.


What are the best things to do in Mauritius?


When planning your short business trip in Mauritius, it is important to set aside at least one full day. Most of the activities are best enjoyed during day time. This is because of the nice views that the island offers.


Below we will look at a few of the best things that Voila recommends to do, and can also assist in planning for you.


Marvel at marine wonders at Odysseo Oceanarium


Spanning over 1.5 hectares, this oceanarium is the largest of the Mascarene islands. Its 45 aquariums are home to 200 marine species. This unique place invites you to dive into the secrets of the Indian Ocean and learn about its rich biodiversity and the key role it plays for future generations. 


The Oceanarium is open from 9 to 6 everyday and is located not far from Voilà Bagatelle at Les Salines, Harbour Waterfront, Port Louis.


Discover a rare scientific phenomenon at Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark


Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth


This 8.5-hectare park is home to various ecosystems. From waterfalls to one of the island’s only coffee plantations, rainbow dunes are the most curious phenomenon you will observe. This testament to the island’s volcanic origins happened over the centuries. 


The constant exposure of gullied clay to extreme weather conditions resulted in deep decomposition and oxidation, leaving behind iron and aluminium oxides. Iron oxide is responsible for the shades of the dunes ranging from red to brown, while the aluminium oxide is what gives vibrant tints of blue to violet-blue to the sand particles. 


As iron and aluminium particles have a naturally repellent effect on one another,  the 7 coloured always rearrange themselves according to colour, even when scrambled.

Visit their website and make sure that the Geopark is open during your stay.


Treat yourself to fine Creole cuisine at Le Chamarel Restaurant


La Table Créole au Le Chamarel Restaurant


This restaurant is the perfect place for an immersive dining experience. Perched on the heights of the charming village of Chamarel, this restaurant offers dominant views of the lagoon and mountains, from South to West.


Its “La table Créole” menu will take your tastebuds on a trip through the island’s history and rich ethnic background. From fresh vegetables to classic proteins and local gamey meats, Asian and Creole flavours meet on your plate for an exquisite dining experience.


Hear the whispers of the sea in a World of Seashells


World of Seashells Mauritius


The largest collection of seashells in Africa started with Mr Le Court de Billot’s parents. The conchyophile subsequently passed it on to their son, along with their passion. Today, 8000 pieces of seashells from around the world tell you a story of biodiversity and marine ecosystems.


Visit their website and make sure that the World of Seashells is open during your stay.

Take a relaxing walk in Bel Ombre UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Bel Ombre Nature Reserve Mauritius


This endemic natural sanctuary is home to a rich fauna and flora. Explore it on foot, or in a four-wheel drive safari, as experienced guides from the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation unveil the secrets and rich history of this lush environment. Your visit will contribute to supporting this wondrous reserve that aims to preserve the island’s natural heritage.